Weekly Weblove | 8 Things to Read Right Now


Happy hump day, Everyone! Here are some great reads from around the web if you care to jump in the rabbit hole. Enjoy!

1. Can you get behind a 3 day work week like Carlos Slim is proposing?

2. What do you think about these 16 foods banned in some countries, but not in America?

3. The 20¬†secrets to success…how many do you practice?

4. Would you go to this new sex park in Taiwan?

5. Everything you want to know about your horoscope for 2015.

6. Check out Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies in 2015” list.

7. I love the clean and simple lines of this unadorned, yet stylish trench coat.

8. While I always enjoy the monthly income report, I think Pinch of Yum really hit the ball out of the park with December’s…such a great read! Yay, Internet!