Turning The Billy Bookcase Into The Billy Shoecase


I’ve always had a fascination with shoes. You know you have an obsession/problem when your friend buys you a book dedicated to such thing.  And, you know you have an obsession/problem when you have to think of storage solutions for such thing. Enter the solution: Ikea Billy bookcases (or any bookcases could work, really).

Living in the city has many advantages, but a few disadvantages as well; the biggest being small living spaces. Of course, I could purge and just keep only a few. Or, I could find clever solutions. I’ve done the former and somehow still have to find clever solutions. After taking stock of my current living situation and thinking about it, I decided that bookcases would be the way to go for two reasons: 1. They are practical and will hold an abundance of shoes. 2. They can be utilized as display cases for the best of the collection.

And, what do you know? There are many people using the Billy bookcase for shoe storage as evidenced in these pictures. Are you shoe-obsessed, too? How do you store your shoes?






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