Weekly Weblove | 8 Things to Read Right Now


Happy hump day! Hope you’re having an awesome week so far! Here are some fun things I found around the web if you feel like jumping into the rabbit hole. Enjoy!

1. One of the BEST “makeup tutorials” I’ve ever seen {by Anna Akana via larueblog.com}:

2. I love to see places from a native’s perspective and this peek of Greece from Effie of A Piece of Bliss is so charming.

3. Grammar advice {advise? ha!} is always useful — how many of these 39 incorrectly used words do you misuse?

4. Such great career tips from such smart women.

5. These party hats are one DIY I can get on board with.

6. This made me smile.

7. Are you a sheep? Find out your Chinese zodiac sign here.

8. This sweater looks so cozy.