Tuesday Treasures: Heart of Gold {Necklaces}


{Yellow gold heart locket}

My taste in jewelry is quite broad and can range from the teeniest simple gold post earrings to the absurdly large statement necklaces/earrings/bracelets/cocktail rings. I am a walking contradiction of sorts when it comes to my life and my style. Some days, I will keep things simple with maybe just earrings and my wedding jewelry (an engagement ring and wedding band) and some days I will break out the cocktail rings and layered statement pieces.

My wedding jewelry is a contradiction in itself. My husband picked out a diamond engagement ring for me so I decided to go minimalist with my wedding ring and chose a simple yellow gold band (I tried to go as small as possible, but the jeweler insisted I not go any smaller than his recommendation). My rings are classic pieces, so I can pair them with anything. Today, I wanted to showcase heart necklaces because this is one of those pieces that I like to wear by itself or layered. Here are some of my favorites pieces.


{Heart initial pendant with diamonds}


{Mini double heart necklace}


{Minimalist heart initial pendant}


{Mother of Pearl heart necklace}


{Heart and key necklace}


{Open heart necklace}


{Abstract hearts necklace}

Do you wear jewelry? Do you have a particular jewelry style? What are your favorite pieces to wear?

Valentino’s Vintage Vibes

v cuff

Valentino came out with a psychedelic design for their Resort ’15 collection that was inspired by their 1973 runway collection. ’70s style is actually trending everywhere and I like it. Every decade’s style seems to come back every couple of decades or so, it seems. I don’t mind, so long as there’s a new twist to it. This design looks refreshingly modern without losing it’s vintage vibes. I love the rainbow of colors and geometric design as well as the materials used, like the plexiglass. I think they did a great job incorporating the vintage and modern collections, such as with the Rockstud shoes and bags. My favorites are the cuff and chain bag. What do you think of the collection? Would you wear it?

v chain bag

v flats

v bag

v shoe

v tote

v heel

{All photos via net-a-porter.com}

Adding More Green to My Wardrobe

green dress

Parted Emerald Dress by Tracy Reese

Much like my home, green is not a dominant color in my wardrobe. I think it’s a great color, but the only green items I’ve really ever purchased were an army green (jacket) and this gorgeous Indian sari inspired wrap skirt that I’ve had for a while now and still love. (Oh, and I once bought a beautiful green silk blouse in Paris.) However, I’d like to add more green to my wardrobe. I’ve done some online shopping for inspiration. Here are some of my favorite finds. Do you have any colors you gravitate towards? Does green play a prominent role in your wardrobe?

green jumpsuit

Army green jumpsuit by Theory

chandelier earrings

Tourmaline chandelier earrings by Munnu


Green aviator sunglasses by Ray-Ban


Chartreuse silk-charmeuse shirt by Matthew Williamson

sea green jeans

Sea Green Jeans by J Brand

sea green balenciaga biker bag

Sea green Balenciaga City Mini Classic

The Perfect Carry-All Bag


As you know, I’ve been challenging myself to doing 30 days of Bikram Yoga. Today will be day 25!!! Knowing this challenge would be a, for lack of a better word, challenge in itself (time constraints and all), I wanted to be sure I had the right gear. I wanted a bag that I could take from work to the studio (or gym). I searched high and low and finally found one……..in my own closet, which I got……….in the men’s department at Lululemon! I have to admit, I got this bag last year (for the same reasons even though I hadn’t challenged myself to do Bikram at the time), so I have an older model, but it’s the same concept. I wanted to write about it because I’ve gotten so many compliments on it and thought I would share with the www.

It really is the perfect carry-all bag/backpack. I’ve also traveled with it and it is really an excellent travel piece. There are compartments for your laptop and iPad, an iPhone pocket on the strap in the front, a place to hold your yoga mat, and lots of compartments inside to fit your entire life. It even came with a rain pouch and a shoe pouch and it has 2 interior pockets to store your shoes! Do you ever look in the boys’/men’s departments when shopping for items for yourself (assuming you’re a female)? Do you ever “shop” your closet?

LM9229S_0001_2 LM9229S_0001_3 (1) LM9229S_0001_4 LM9229S_0001_5 LM9229S_0001_6 LM9229S_0001_8

{This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. All photos form lululemon.com}

The Perfect Jet Black Stud Belt


Accessories can really pack a punch to an outfit and add personality to your style. Finding a great belt is always an adventure and finding the perfect jet black stud belt proves even more of a challenge, especially when you didn’t know you were looking for one (well, actually, It’s been on and off my mind for some time now). Imagine my happy surprise when I came across the perfect one while browsing the Emerson Fry website. I’ve always loved Emerson’s chic, minimal and timeless sense of style since she started with her flower pins a few years ago. I have a caftan I purchased a couple of years ago and still wear it all the time and get loads of compliments on it. It’s a bit of an investment piece, but I can see the longevity with this belt and the many possible ways to wear it with so many different outfits.