Building Better Fitness Habits


Once upon a time, I convinced myself that I could not do spin class because I was not fit enough and had to wait until I was skinnier/stronger/healthier. Ha! One day, my sister and I were going to work out and I had my heart set on the treadmill when she spontaneously decides we are going to spin class!

“Whaaaaat???” I responded and proceeded to come up with excuses from not being ready to not being up to it. She somehow convinced me that it would be okay and so I spun for 45 minutes. And lived to tell about it. Guess what? It wasn’t as difficult as I was making it out to be. That was just all in my head. I’m not saying it was easy, but it wasn’t this overly strenuous activity that I’d convinced myself would be the end of me.

Earlier this year, I completed a 30 day hot yoga challenge. I thought for sure I was on my way to a healthier me, but then I stopped. First, I got sick (I’m convinced it was food poisoning) and then I just kept making one excuse after another until I realized it’s half-way through the year already.

Needless to say, I am so ashamed of myself for having failed again. I want to be healthier. I need to be healthier. But, there is a part of me that somehow “forgets” this. I have a little trick I’m going to employ. It’s not mind-blowing, but I’m convinced it will be a game-changer. Stay tuned :)

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