5 Simple Summer Treats to Cool Off

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As much as I prefer hot weather to cold, it’s nice to have a treat to cool off. Of course, there is never a shortage of cool treats. There is definitely ice cream and frozen yogurt galore, but I went in search of some simple summer treats that are easy on the labor as well as the waistline. I look forward to making these 5 simple summer treats this season and perhaps, year-round as well. What are your favorite simple summer treats?

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These fruit infused waters look delicious and refreshingly cool.

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Watermelon granitas are tasty and light.

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This 4 ingredient all fruit popsicles recipe looks tasty and super easy to make.

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You can take your fruit infused water to another level by freezing it and making mini frozen fruit cubes, or add them to water for an even more flavorful punch.

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These frozen grape kabobs are delicious and super simple.

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