15 Favorite Oscars Dresses From the Last 15 Years


2000 – Hillary Swank in Randolph Duke – This was Hillary’s first Oscar (for Boys Don’t Cry — yes, the girl who got fired from Beverly Hills, 90210 won 2 Oscars). Loved the color and style on her and that necklace is just WOW!


2001 – Renee Zellweger in vintage Jean Desses – This is a great color on Renee and this look was very reminiscent of Veronica Lake.


2002 – Cameron Diaz in Emanuel Ungaro – This made every Worst-Dressed List that year, but I loved this look from the wrap dress, to the “messy” hair and the accessories, especially the Tarina Tarantino turquoise bracelet.


2003 – Jennifer Lopez in Valentino – JLo looks as glamorous on the red carpet with this dress as she would in her Hamptons home, I’m sure. This style and color is perfect.


2004 – Charlize Theron in Gucci – Charlize definitely didn’t look like the Monster she portrayed for which she won an Oscar.


2005 – Gisele Bundchën in Christian Dior – Gisele looked like a Greek Goddess with this dress and hairstyle.


2006 – Michelle Williams in Vera Wang – This was not the same girl from the creek that I knew. Michelle looked so glamorous and beautiful with this dress and makeup.


2007 – Penelope Cruz in Versace – I love frou-frou dresses when done right. The top and bottom of this dress balance each other out.


 2008 – Heidi Klum in Dior by John Galliano – Heidi looked really fierce in this fiery red dress.


2009 – Angelina Jolie in Elie Saab – To be fair, is there anything Angelina does not look good in? And, to be more fair, the earrings should take center stage with the dress.

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

2010 – Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab – Rachel is one of those chameleons that can wear anything and she looked especially pretty in this ethereal concoction.


2011 – Cate Blanchette in Givenchy Haute Couture – Cate always takes risks and she always comes out a winner, like in this masterpiece dress.


2012 – Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford – Gwyneth is channeling Jackie Kennedy here, but her take is refreshingly modern.


2013 Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta – didn’t I say I love frou-frou dresses done well? Amy looks like a princess in this gown.


2014 – Lupita Nyong’o in Prada – I loved this look on Lupita from the color to the cut to the accessories.

{Photos from Style.com except where indicated}

Lourdes Loves Lately

photo 1

{Bringing new meaning to the term “pre-packaged food”}

TGIF! How was your week? I was sick and feeling very down, so words cannot express how grateful I am for the weekend. Speaking of gratitude, here are a few things I’m grateful for this week. What are you up to this weekend? I am going to stay under the radar and just try to stay healthy. I’ll be eating lots of good-for-my-body things, continuing my yoga journey and watching some DVDs. And, I am so excited for the Oscars! Keep warm, everyone! Have a good one!

photo 3

{Primula obconica is a species of flowering plant in the family Primulaceae, native to China – fitting for the Chinese New Year on 2/19/2015 – Here’s to the year of the Sheep}

photo 4

{They always bring a smile to my face and heart}

photo 2

{Mini bananas fill my love of mini things to the brim}

photo 5

{Visiting my sister and her family on a snowy day}

Fitness: My 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge – Week 1 Update


I don’t need Ryan Gosling to motivate me to go to yoga. Today was the first week I’ve completed of my 30 day Bikram yoga challenge. It was excruciatingly difficult for me because I was very ill. I spent the entire day at home in bed with an unbearable headache and runny nose. For some unexplainable reason, I managed to get dressed and go to class (of course, it helps that the studio is so close to me). And for other unexplainable reasons, I managed to get through the entire class.

If I’m being honest, it was probably my most difficult class. While I try to focus on myself and my postures during class, my mind was all over the place today. I started thinking about dreams I’ve had, dug way deep into my past and was thinking of some future projects. It was total insanity. Of course, each time that kept happening, I kept trying to pull myself into the present moment. And, before I knew it, it was time for the final breathing exercises before class was dismissed. Namaste.

16 Oscar Winning Movies

I’ve extolled many times my love for movies. Most recently, I’ve made a list of my favorite romantic movies. With the upcoming Oscars, here are some of my favorite Oscar-winning films.


On The Waterfront starring Marlon Brando.


The Sound of Music


The Godfather


The Godfather Part II


The Deer Hunter


Rain Man


Dances With Wolves


The Silence of the Lambs


Schindler’s List



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download (2)

download (3)

download (4)


Weekly Weblove | 8 Things to Read Right Now


Happy hump day! Hope you’re having an awesome week so far! Here are some fun things I found around the web if you feel like jumping into the rabbit hole. Enjoy!

1. One of the BEST “makeup tutorials” I’ve ever seen {by Anna Akana via larueblog.com}:

2. I love to see places from a native’s perspective and this peek of Greece from Effie of A Piece of Bliss is so charming.

3. Grammar advice {advise? ha!} is always useful — how many of these 39 incorrectly used words do you misuse?

4. Such great career tips from such smart women.

5. These party hats are one DIY I can get on board with.

6. This made me smile.

7. Are you a sheep? Find out your Chinese zodiac sign here.

8. This sweater looks so cozy.

16 Home Interiors Designed with Gold in Mind

Yesterday, I waxed poetic over my dismal prospects of bringing home an Oscar (I don’t know why considering I haven’t done any films), but went back into happy mode over the other ways I could “bring home the gold.” Until I get my stuff together (i.e. clean up the old and shop for the new), here are some spaces that have been inspiring me to bring home the gold sooner.

{All photos via houzz.com}

Tuesday Treasures | 15 Golden Accessories for Your Home


Since I will not be taking home the Oscar this Sunday *sigh*, I can at least bring home the gold in other ways. I’ve been pinning and pining over some items lately for my home. Once I clear the clutter, I will be getting rid of some things by donating, recycling, selling or throwing out items that are no longer useful or joyful and making room for new things I can purchase or make.


I was once told by an interior designer that black frames are the way to go, but I’ve since included white frames to my collection. I think gold frames would add a nice touch as well.


This gold “Love” print by Jen Ramos of Made by Girl is so simple, but makes a big impact.


I think these gold hurricane candle holders are glamorous in a subtle way.


You can never have too many playing cards, right? Why not add a stack of gold ones to your collection?


I think this gold Marilyn Monroe print by Warhol would make a great addition to my gallery wall.


This gold vase sits beautifully on its own as I’m sure it would with some flowers in it.


As much as I love books, I’m trying to cut down since I’m not in a permanent place, but I think I could make an exception for Oh Joy’s new craft book. It’s practical and beautiful.


Trays are one of those household items that you can never have enough of because they are just so useful and have multiple purposes. I’d love to add this gold one to my collection.img62o

I’m not sure what is happening to our silverware, but much like our Tupperware, they’ve been disappearing in droves. When it’s time for a new set, I think this gold set would be a perfect addition. I love the clean lines.


I like to collect little trinket boxes and wouldn’t mind adding this gold one to my collection.


This jewelry tree has a great minimalist design and would look so pretty on my dresser.


Just like pens, I am obsessed with notebooks and collect them like they’re going out of style. This gold notebook though looks classy enough to always be in style.


This gold pig book end set is too adorable to pass up.


One can never say “Thank you” enough and one can never have too many Thank You cards. I love this watercolor set with the gold lettering.


This gold stapler would look so pretty on my desk. I love when something so useful is designed so beautifully.

{Oscars photo via huffingtonpost.com}

10 Tasty Paleo Treats to Make for Your Oscars Party


{“Awards Night” cookies via Bakerella – her recipe is not paleo, but you can make paleo friendly versions. I just adore Bakerella and her creations.}

Hollywood’s biggest night is coming up. I love the Oscars, or excuse me, the Academy Awards. It’s my Superbowl. From the announcement of the nominees to the red carpet events leading up to the awards show.

{Confession: I do not always watch all the nominated films beforehand. }

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I plan to sit on my sofa this coming Sunday and watch with excitement as the newcomers and veterans march down the red carpet, anticipating what designers they chose. Oh, yeah, and, of course, see who the “Oscar goes to…”

{Another confession: I may or may not have pretended to be a winner and made a speech using a hairbrush as my mic during my childhood.}

Do you watch the Oscars? How do you celebrate it? Whether you plan to have a gathering or not, here are some fun treats you can make to sustain you throughout the event.


These paleo and gluten-free “Meringues” by Elana’s Pantry look so divine. I love the way meringue just melts in your mouth.


Another recipe from Elana’s Pantry are these “Star Cookies”. So fitting for the occasion, don’t you think? They are gluten-free and vegan!


I scream and you will too for these “Sugar Detox Cinnamon Sweet Potato Ice Cream with Toasted Walnuts” made by PaleOMG.


I cannot wait to try these “Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple” treats from Nom Nom Paleo. Sweet and savory is the way to my heart!


How about some “Cheesy Egg Muffins” by Nom Nom Paleo? They would be a great addition, just put them in gold muffin tin cups.


I could sure go for one or ten of these “Mexican Chocolate Pots de Créme” by Nom Nom Paleo right about now.

19Snickerdoodle Paleo Cupcakes

These “Paleo Snickerdoodle Cupcakes” by My Natural Family look so sweet and tasty.


Bingo! I think I hit the jackpot with these “‘Fried’ Honey Bananas” by Rachel Schultz. My mom makes an amazing fried banana, so I’ve been on the lookout for a paleo-friendly recipe and this one fits the bill.


This “Paleo Sex in a Pan” by Grok Grub looks sexy and scrumptious.


Cupcakes are always a good idea and these “Paleo Cardamom Cupcakes with Lemon Mousse Frosting” by Empowered Sustenance look like one of the best cupcake ideas I’ve seen recently.

Monday Musings | Life Lessons From Two-Year Olds


{Two little monkeys jumping on a bed. One fell off and landed on the floor, but she’s still smiling.}

I have a niece and nephew who are 2 years old and were born 9 days apart (they have different baby mommas) . I call them “twin” cousins sometimes. It’s fun to watch them grow. They each have their own unique personalities, but there are so many similarities due to their age. Here are four things I’ve observed that perhaps we can all learn to live by:

1. They live in the present moment – No matter what happens to them, whether they fall or fight, they may cry or throw a tantrum, but they snap out of it (almost) immediately and get back to the present moment. They don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future (except maybe if they’ve been promised a treat and are anticipating it).

2. They practice joy all the time – Though they may not be aware of it, they live to be joyful. The other day, one of them started laughing for no reason, which caused a domino effect to have everyone laughing for no reason. I believe inherently they know it just feels good to be happy and choose to do so.

3. It’s the little things or moments that make them happy – Give them an ice cream cone or read them a book and watch them squeal with delight.

4. They easily forgive and forget – They are two, so of course they will fight or may throw tantrums. However, as easy as it may be to rile them up, they just as easily forgive and forget and begin to live in the present moment again.

Style by the First Ladies of the United States

Today is Presidents’ Day in the United States. In honor of the national holiday, I put together a compilation on the many different styles of the First Ladies of the United States (FLOTUS, if you will). Hopefully, not too far from now, I (or someone else) will be able to compile a list of the styles of our Women Presidents.

It was fun to research this and just as I’d thought when I was putting it together, Jackie Kennedy is my favorite style icon among the FLOTUS. But, I think each of them had a unique style. Obviously, it was difficult to get more photos of the earlier FLOTUS, so it’s not really fair to judge from just a few. I guess we’ll just have to leave it up to our imaginations.

1. Martha Washington

martha wash

2. Abigail Adams

abigail adams

3. Martha Jefferson

martha jefferson

4. Dolly Madison


5. Elizabeth Monroe


6. Louisa Adams


7. Rachel Jackson


8. Hannah Van Buren

hannah van buren

9. Anna Symmes Harrison


10. Julia Gardiner Tyler

julia tyler

11. Sarah Childress Polk


12. Margaret Taylor

margaret taylor

13. Abigail Fillmore


14. Jane Pierce


15. Harriet Lane


16. Mary Todd Lincoln


17. Eliza McCardle johnson

eliza johnson

18. Julia Boggs Dent Grant


19. Lucy Webb Hayes


20. Lucretia Rudolph-Garfield


21. Ellen Arthur


22. Frances Folsom Cleveland


23. Caroline Scott Harrison


24. Mary Harrison McKee


25. Frances Clara Folsom Cleveland Preston


26. Ida McKinley


27. Edith Roosevelt


28. Helen Herrion Taft


29. Ellen Wilson


30. Edith Bolling Galt Wilson


31. Florence Harding


32. Grace Coolidge


33. Lou Henry Hoover


34. Eleanor Roosevelt


35. Elizabeth Truman


36. Mamie Eisenhower


37. Jacqueline Lee “Jackie” Kennedy

jackie o cape

38. Claudia Taylor (Lady Bird) Johnson

lady bird johnson

39. Pat Nixon

pat nixon

40. Betty Ford


41. Rosalynn Carter

rosalynn carter

42. Nancy Reagan


43. Barbara Bush

barbara bush

44. Hillary Rodham Clinton


45. Laura Bush


46. Michelle Obama