4 Shows to See at the Theater Now

I love theater — from improv to Broadway musicals to Shakespearean dramas, there is nothing quite like watching a live show. When I first visited London, the theater was much less expensive than going to a movie (I know! Can you believe it?!?), so during my week there, I’d gotten tickets for each night of the week. I’ve seen productions of Phantom of the Opera in Chicago, Vegas and London. All this to say (again), I LOVE theater.

I’ve taken plenty of theater classes in college and really love to act. In fact, in my eight grade yearbook, I wrote that I wanted to be an actress as a profession. Alas, I never pursued acting. *Sigh* But, I can still live out my dreams in other performers. I love to sit as close to the stage as possible so I can study every body and facial movement and try to catch every intonation and wonder how the actors “arrived” at their acting choices. Nerdy, much?

This year, I really want to plan out as much as possible, including my date nights (which we usually leave up to chance). I’ve included these shows on my list of “Theater shows to see.”

1. Once


2. The Book of Mormon


3. Million Dollar Quartet


4. Baby Wants Candy


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