Lourdes Loves Lately

What is everyone up to this weekend? It is so cold here that all I want to do is stay at home in my PJs, cuddle, drink some tea and read a book. Mayyyyyyyyyybe watch a movie or two. And, of course I will be watching the season 5 premier of Shameless. As much as I want to just stay home though, I will probably venture out for a bit to see family and friends and run some errands. Here are some things I am grateful for lately. Have a good one!

1. How gorgeous is this cookbook?


2. I cannot wait to try this cauliflower (you read that correctly!) pizza recipe out.


3. I am so grateful my feet are kept warm with these boots. Not only that, but they are comfy, too.


4. My cousin gives the best gifts. So practical and surprisingly good. This year, it was tupperware! Ha! And I was telling myself how I needed to get more because…what happens to all the tupperware?!? Do they all fall in the same black hole??


5. Ok, who else cannot get this song out of their head? Life is too short to pretend you don’t like catchy Taylor Swift songs said someone I don’t know. So true!

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